Hi there! My name is Marloes, 22 years old, and I am currently busy studying for my Masters degree in The Architecture of the Interior. Living in Delft, I enjoy all aspects of design and being creative. On this blog I hope to share my online explorations and day to day life with you.

I find inspiration in the simple, pure and wholehearted bits of life. Trying hard to live a down to earth and practical day to day life while never letting the aesthetics out of sight. I enjoy people with passion, love and enthusiasm for the things they do.

I live in an old university building which dates back to the 1920s. My apartment is only a small 21sqm but holds a tiny kitchen, bathroom and shows off with its historic beams which support the roof. The view out of my window shows the typical Dutch skyline of Delft which is especially pretty during a summer’s sunset. This tiny space is where I try to experiment with different interior styles, collect many heavy books, work late hours making scale models, drink tea and be grateful.

Besides blogging my interests lay with architecture, retail design, interior design, branding, graphic design, design orientated magazines, sewing, aquarelle painting, drinking fancy cocktails, playing the piano, dancing my butt off and a good read.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding my blog, portfolio of album service – or if you just feel like saying hi! Follow me through one of the social media buttons or use the drop-down contact form to send me a message.